Weyergans Urban Facial & DERMIO Care Plus


Dermionology® | What does it do? 


Delivers O2(-) (Plasma). Increases the metabolism  in the skin in the entire body especially in the brain.

What is Negative Ion?

Negative Ions are GOOD for us.

Remember how we feel alive and refresh when near waterfalls, natural spring, after rains, walking on the beach and in the woods. This is because Negative Ions are in abundance! They give positive effect to our health, mood and energy level. Negative Ion neutralizes the cell damaging free radical/positive ions.

Positive Ions (Free Radical) damage healthy cells

Exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke,  pesticides, dust, soot, radiation from power lines, computers, cell phones and electrical appliances all give off positive ions, creating Free Radical Molecules which are harmful to the body. Aging, tissue damage and some disease are all linked to Free Radicals.

Why do we need Negative Ions?

  1. We lose Negative Ions as we aged or regular exposure to pollutants and radiation. Negative ions are important because it promotes delivery of oxygen to the Skin Cell Membrane to improve its function and increases Production of Collagen.

  2. Negative ions neutralize Free Radicals formation in our body that damage healthy cells.

  3. We absorb 7 times more Negative Ions through our skin than through breathing as our skin is the largest organ of the body. Do you know that studies have shown that our skin absorbs as much as 85% of negative ions when in direct contact with our skin? Breathing allows us to absorb only 15% of negative ions.


    Negative Ions Regenerate and Re-energise your cells to combat skin problems,  skin aging, increase skin brightness and enhances softness.

    • Improves the Functioning of Skin Cell Membranes

    • Helps Deliver Oxygen to the Cells and Tissues

    • Increases the Production of Collage 

The Facial:

This Facial Consist of a Double Cleanse , Tonic, Mask on top of a mask, serum, and Moisturizer using the Weyergans Urban Line To restore naturally radiant skin The antioxidant cosmeceuticals of the Urban Care Line provide the necessary protection for contaminated skin. Urban Care forms an invisible protective film and effectively regenerates. Then you will get a Dermio treatment which is a high wavelength green-light  photo-therapy treatment and a high dosage of negative ions that offers an aphrodisiac effect which includes an Electrolyte Collagen infused Mask.

Weyermans Urban Care

This line prevents premature skin aging and revives tired and dull-looking skin.
The active ingredient complex of the skin care series protects skin cells against the cell-damaging effects of cigarette smoke, sulfur dioxide, heavy metals and HEV Light - high energy visible, ie high-energy visible light. Together with the detoxifying and many benefits of Dermio Ion Therapy with Collagen Electrolyte mask, your skin will be glowing and you will leave feeling very relaxed.


Price €89 as an introductory Price originally €99





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