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Buccal Massage and why the Duchess of Sussex Loves it

It is no easy task to be a royal especially when there is constant pressure to look perfect for the cameras and the world. However, Meghan, the newest royal is handling this pressure quite well. The ex-diva is rocking several styles but one thing remains a constant. Her natural glow on the face.

The Duchess of Sussex is known for her go-natural look and minimal makeup. So, we dug into her beauty regimen and found that Meghan Markle loves the Buccal massage. Allow us to enlighten you on what it is.

The Buccal facial or the Buccal massage is a process that involves a massage therapy on your facial muscles in-depth, including the inside of your mouth. However, it is not as uncomfortable as it sounds. The massage is done by professionals and is one that leaves you with clear and visibly glowing skin.

In addition to that, the buccal massage also helps you feel relaxed and super fresh. First, your facial tissues are soothed gently and massaged. Then the inside of your mouth is used to massage your cheeks, jawline etc. This is the most peaceful part of the massage. The entire process is very healing and leaves you in a happy state. Try not to doze off.

The massage is followed by a soothing facial according to the skin type of the client after which the massage is ended with moisturizing. The effect of the massage can be seen but can be felt better. You will be more aware of the actions that your face makes. Imagine a workout for your face, except you feel very relaxed and fresh.

If you follow the instructions given by your professional, you must be able to enjoy the benefits of the massage for much longer. Now we finally known the secret behind out favourite Duchess’s effortless style and beauty. Now you yourself can try it by Nash Beauty as Stacia is fully trained in a facial called the Facelift facial which also includes, the Buccal massage together with other massages and a method of facial reflexology which helps stimulate the facial muscles from within and out.





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